Nasty C Net Worth 2024 Age, Girlfriend

Nasty C, a prominent figure in the music industry, has not only captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his exceptional talent but also amassed a considerable fortune. As of the present year, Nasty C Net Worth 2024 which is $2.3 Million reflects his success in the music industry, accompanied by his personal life aspects, including age, relationships, and more. This post offers a detailed insight into Nasty C’s life, providing a closer look at his journey, achievements, and the personal facets that make him a fascinating personality to explore. By focusing on accurate and comprehensive information, we aim to present a clear and engaging narrative that respects the reader’s quest for knowledge without resorting to keyword stuffing or diminishing the user experience.

Nasty C Net Worth 2024

With hard work and dedication, Nasty C earned a good name in this industry, and right now everyone is well aware of its name. Currently, people asking about the Nasty C Net Worth 2024 discussed below table in rand and dollars. His earnings are a reflection of his successful albums, tours, and endorsements.

Year Amount in Dollars Amount in Rand
Present Year Nasty C Net Worth $3.2 Million 30.29 million ZAR
Previous Year Net Worth of Nasty C $2.8 Million 27 Million in  ZAR

Nasty C

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Nasty C Age

Nasty C, born on February 11, 1997, in Durban, South Africa, is a prominent figure in the rap industry. As of 2024, he is 27 years old. His young age belies the significant impact he has made in the music scene, demonstrating remarkable talent and achieving widespread acclaim early in his career.

How old is Nasty C? 27 Year Old

Who is Nasty C? A Comprehensive Biography

Nasty C, born Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, has risen to international fame through his groundbreaking contributions to the music scene. With his innovative sound that blends various genres, he has become a significant force in reshaping the landscape of contemporary music.

Name David Junior Ngcobo
Nick Name Spank Daddy
Date of Birth February 11, 1997
Age 27 Year Old
Place of Birth Soweto, Johannesburg
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Profession Rapper, Song Writer, Producer
Nationality South African

Family and Siblings

Nasty C hails from a supportive family that has played a crucial role in his journey to stardom. His family’s encouragement has been pivotal in his development as an artist.

Father David Maviyo Ngcobo
Mother His mother died in a car accident.
Siblings Siyabonga Ngcobo, Olwethu Ngcobo
Wife N/A
Children Oliver

About Nasty C’s Relationship and Girlfriend

Nasty C’s relationship status and details about his girlfriend are often subjects of public curiosity. He has managed to keep his personal life relatively private, but what is known reflects a balanced and happy personal life.

Girlfriend Name Sammie Heavens

Height and Weight

Nasty C’s physical attributes contribute to his stage presence and persona, with his height and weight being part of his unique identity.

How tall is Nasty C? 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 77 KG

Nasty C, a South African rapper, has significantly impacted the music industry with his unique sound and lyrical prowess. Born in 1997, his career took off early, and he quickly became known for hits like “SMA” and “Strings and Bling.” His life, marked by a passion for music and storytelling, showcases his dedication to his craft. Nasty C’s journey from a Durban local to an international star encapsulates his talent and ambition.


How did Nasty C start his music career?

Nasty C began his music career young, showcasing a deep passion for music and an inherent talent that quickly set him apart.

What are some of Nasty C’s most popular tracks?

Some of Nasty C’s most popular tracks include “SMA,” “Strings and Bling,” and “Hell Naw,” among others.

Has Nasty C won any awards?

Yes, Nasty C has received numerous awards throughout his career, celebrating his contributions to music.

What is Nasty C’s approach to music and creativity?

Nasty C approaches music with an innovative and open-minded perspective, constantly exploring new sounds and themes.

How can fans stay updated on Nasty C’s music and projects?

Fans can follow Nasty C on social media and streaming platforms to stay updated on his latest releases and projects.

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