Zunaid Moti Wife, Net Worth, Cars, House, Son

In a realm where luxury and success intertwine, Zunaid Moti Wife name is Mikaeel Moti and it stands as a testament to the power of ambition and hard work. With a life story that reads like a beacon of aspiration, Moti’s journey from the ground up to becoming a notable figure in the business world is nothing short of inspiring. His accomplishments span various industries, leaving a mark of excellence and innovation. This article delves into the life of Zunaid Moti, focusing on his wife, net worth, luxurious cars, magnificent house, and beloved son, offering a comprehensive view of the man behind the success.

Zunaid Moti Wife

The woman beside Zunaid Moti, his wife, stands as a steadfast partner, offering unwavering support and companionship, pivotal to his journey in life and business.

Wife Name Mikaeel Moti

Zunaid Moti

Net Worth

Zunaid Moti’s net worth is a reflection of his undying commitment to excellence, strategic insight, and leadership in the business arena. His financial accomplishments mirror his broad and successful portfolio across various sectors.

Year Amount
Present Year Zunaid Moti Net Worth 2024 $35 Million to $45 Million

Who is Zunaid Moti? Wiki Biography

Zunaid Abbas Moti, a formidable South African businessman, investor, and entrepreneur, stands at the pinnacle of success and innovation. His leadership as the chairman of the Moti Group has led the conglomerate into diverse fields, including mining, finance, and real estate, cementing his status as a visionary entrepreneur and a respected figure in the global business landscape.

Attribute Details
Name Zunaid Abbas Moti
Nick Name Zunaid
Date of Birth 1974
Age 48 years old
Place of Birth South Africa
Zodiac Sign No Info
Profession Businessman, investor, and entrepreneur
Nationality South African
Religion Islam
School/College St. Albans College in Pretoria

Family and Siblings

Zunaid Moti values family as the cornerstone of his success, offering support and grounding amidst his business endeavors.

Father Dr. Abbas Moti
Mother N/A
Siblings N/A
Kids Zia, Alaan, Zayyad, Zidan
Martial Status

Height and Weight

Zunaid Moti exemplifies the importance of maintaining physical health to sustain the energy needed for entrepreneurial success.

Attribute Statistics
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 72 kg


The legacy of Zunaid Moti finds a continuum in his son, embodying the future and the enduring spirit of the Moti family’s entrepreneurial ethos.

Names Zia, Alaan, Zayyad, Zidan


How did Zunaid Moti amass his fortune?

Zunaid Moti’s fortune is the culmination of strategic business ventures across mining, real estate, finance, and other industries, driven by his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

What sectors does the Moti Group focus on?

The Moti Group operates in diverse sectors including mining, finance, real estate, and technology, reflecting Zunaid Moti’s comprehensive and forward-thinking business approach.

What philanthropic efforts is Zunaid Moti known for?

Zunaid Moti is committed to philanthropy, focusing on education, healthcare, and economic empowerment to give back to the community, demonstrating his dedication to social responsibility.

How does Zunaid Moti manage work-life balance?

Zunaid Moti prioritizes family and personal well-being alongside his professional obligations, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life.

What’s next for the Moti Group under Zunaid’s leadership?

Under Zunaid’s leadership, the Moti Group is poised for expansion into new markets and sectors, driven by innovative strategies and a vision for the future.

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