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Lionel Dahmer Net worth, Book

Lionel Dahmer, a figure of significant public interest, encapsulates a story that intertwines personal struggle, family dynamics, and a complex legacy. While primarily known for his relationship with his infamous son, Jeffrey Dahmer, Lionel’s life extends beyond this association, encompassing his own personal and professional endeavors. Lionel Dahmer Net Worth is around US 5 Million Dollars. His biography, including details about his age, family, and background, provides insight into a life marked by both personal achievements and profound challenges.

Lionel Dahmer Net worth

Lionel Dahmer Net Worth is a topic of interest, considering his professional background and the earnings from his book. Although not as prominently discussed as other aspects of his life, his financial standing reflects his career as a chemist and an author. Lionel’s book, detailing his experiences and perspectives, undoubtedly contributes to his financial profile.

Year Net Worth
Current Lionel Dashmer Net Worth US 5 Million
Previous Year Net Worth $ 5 Million Dollars

Lionel Dahmer

Lionel Dahmer Books Name

Only two books launched by Lionel Dahmer which named and also published year below table.

Book Name Launch Year
A Father’s Story 1994
Father’s Story a Pbp 2000

Who is Lionel Dahmer?  Wiki Biography

Lionel Dahmer, born on July 29, 1936, is an American author and retired analytical chemist. His life gained public attention predominantly due to his son, Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious serial killer. Despite this, Lionel has his own story, marked by a career in chemistry and his authorship of a book that delves into his experiences as Jeffrey’s father. Lionel’s life story is a complex tapestry of personal and professional milestones, challenges, and insights into a family marked by tragedy.

Attribute Details
Name Lionel Dahmer
Date of Birth July 29, 1936
Age 88 years (as of 2024)
Place of Birth West Allis, Wisconsin
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession Retired Analytical Chemist, Author
Nationality American

Family and Siblings

His family life has been under scrutiny due to his son’s infamous actions. Lionel Dahmer Family includes his ex-wife Joyce, with whom he had two sons, Jeffrey and David. The dynamics within the Dahmer household have been a subject of much discussion, providing insights into the challenges and complexities of family life under extraordinary circumstances.

Family Member Relation
Father Herbert Walter Dahmer
Mother Joyce Dahmer
Brother David Dahmer
Marital Status Divorced
Son Jeffrey Dahmer, David Dahmer

Relationship and Life Partner

Lionel Dahmer’s personal relationships, particularly his marriage to Joyce Flint, have been a topic of public interest. Their relationship, marked by challenges and the eventual divorce, plays a significant part in Lionel’s personal story. Understanding his marital life offers a more comprehensive view of his personal experiences and struggles.

1st Wife Shari Jordan
2nd Wife Joyce Dahmer

Height and Weight

His physical measurements, including his height and weight, contribute to the complete portrayal of his persona. Lionel Dahmer physical characteristics, while not as frequently discussed as other aspects of his life, provide a fuller picture of his personal identity.

Height 1.83 m
Weight 82 kg

Explore the comprehensive biography and Lionel Dahmer net worth, including his family background, personal life, and more. Discover fascinating details about his life, career, and relationships in our detailed post.


What is Lionel Dahmer’s profession?

Lionel Dahmer is a retired analytical chemist and author.

Has Lionel Dahmer written any books?

Yes, Lionel Dahmer is the author of a book where he shares his experiences and perspectives as the father of Jeffrey Dahmer.

What book has Lionel Dahmer written?

Lionel Dahmer authored “A Father’s Story,” where he details his experiences and insights into his life and his relationship with his son, Jeffrey Dahmer.

How has Lionel Dahmer’s family life been portrayed in the media?

His family life, especially in relation to his son Jeffrey, has been the subject of extensive media coverage, often focusing on the family dynamics and challenges they faced.


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