Clive Davis

Clive Davis Net Worth 2024, Family, Height and Weight

Clive Davis stands as a towering figure in the music industry, not just for his business acumen but also for his personal journey and the legacy he has built over the years. Clive Davis Net Worth 2024 USD 900 Million, deeply rooted in decades of music production and talent discovery, reflects his significant impact on the industry. Beyond the numbers, Davis’s family, physical stature, and connections in the industry tell a story of a man who has navigated both personal and professional highs and lows with grace. This article offers a comprehensive look at Clive Davis’s life, from his net worth and family to his physical attributes, providing a rounded view of his achievements and personal life.

Clive Davis Net Worth 2024

Clive Davis Net Worth 2024 is a testament to his enduring influence and success in the music industry. His financial achievements reflect his role in launching and revitalizing the careers of numerous artists. Davis’s ability to adapt to changing music trends and his strategic investments in music rights and production have been key to his financial success.

Year Net Worth
Present Year Net Worth USD 900 Million
Previous Year Net Worth $800 Million

Clive Davis

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Clive Davis’s personal life is as rich and complex as his professional journey. Born to a Jewish family, Davis faced the loss of both parents while he was still a teenager. This early adversity shaped his resilient character.

Family Member Details
Father Herman Davis
Mother Florence Davis
Brother/Sister N/A
Marital Status Divorced
Son Mitchell Davis
Daughter Fred Davis, Lauren Davis

Height and Weight

Clive Davis’s physical appearance has always exuded the calm and composed demeanor of a seasoned executive. His stature, though not imposing, commands respect, complemented by his sharp sense of style.

Attribute Details
How tall is Clive Davis 5’10”
Weight 165 lbs

Relationships and Wife

Davis has been married and divorced twice. His personal life, especially his marriages, has been less publicized, focusing more on his professional achievements. However, Davis’s relationships, including his marriages and friendships within the industry, have played a significant role in his life.

Wife N/A
  • Janet Adelberg {1965-1985}
  • Helen Cohen {1956-1965}

Who is Clive Davis? – A Detailed Biography

It was born on April 4, 1932, in Brooklyn, New York, is a renowned American record producer and music industry executive. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Davis’s entry into the music industry was marked by his role as a legal counsel, eventually becoming the president of Columbia Records. His knack for identifying and nurturing talent helped shape the careers of many iconic artists, making him a pivotal figure in the music world. Davis’s influence extends beyond individual careers, having played a critical role in the evolution of contemporary music.

Attribute Details
Name Clive Davis
Nick Name N/A
Date of Birth April 4, 1932
Age 92
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York, USA
Zodiac Sign Aries
Profession Record Producer, Music Executive
Nationality American

Clive Davis is a legendary music executive and record producer, whose unparalleled ability to discover and nurture talent has left an indelible mark on the music industry. His visionary leadership at Columbia Records, Arista, and J Records has shaped the careers of countless iconic artists, making him a pivotal figure in music history.


1. How did Clive Davis start his career in the music industry?

Clive Davis began his career as a lawyer at Columbia Records, eventually becoming the company’s president, where he played a pivotal role in signing and developing numerous iconic artists.

2. What is Clive Davis known for in the music industry?

Clive Davis is known for his golden ear for talent, having discovered and nurtured the careers of many legendary artists across various genres. He is also celebrated for his contributions to the Grammy Awards and his role in creating Arista and J Records.

3. Has Clive Davis written any books?

Yes, Clive Davis has authored a memoir, “The Soundtrack of”.


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